How to Check UFS Application Status 2023-2023

Step 1:
Visit UFS website – click below link…

First Years

1. Change your temporary password and challenge response questions.
2. Keep your student number/password safe as you will require it for 2019/2023-2023 registration.

Got Issues with your application status, contact UFS Helpdesk

The Application Helpdesk will assist you with the application process. Contact the helpdesk agents for:

  • Information on any study programme’s admission requirements;
  • Assistance to complete your application forms (online or hard copy);
  • Tracking the status of your application.

Contact: +27 51 401 9666 | E: [email protected]

If you have applied to study a programme in the Faculty of Health Sciences, contact Lydia du Toit: +27 51 401 7513 | [email protected] | Fax2email: +27 86 579 5154 or +27 86 6669 191.

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